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Friday, April 28, 2017


CVIM staff members are responsible for the overall management of the organization including medical and dental services, drug dispensary and administration. This core staff oversees the team of nearly 400 volunteers and healthcare profession students who perform vital services at the clinic.

President and CEO
Maureen Tomoschuk
610-836-5990 ext. 102     mtomoschuk@cvim.org


Clinical Leadership
Mary Vice President of Medical Affairs
Mary B. Wirshup, MD, FAAFP
610-836-5990 ext. 103     mwirshup@cvim.org
  Vice President of Dental Affairs
Peter Thompson, DDS
610-836-5990 ext. 114     pthompson@cvim.org
Administrative Leadership
  Vice President of Dental Services
Alberta D. Landis, RDH, MEd
610-836-5990 ext. 107     alandis@cvim.org
  Vice President of Development
Denise Mahal
610-836-5990 ext. 108     dmahal@cvim.org
  Vice President of Patient Care Services (Bilingual)
Jody Hill, RN, CRNP
610-836-5990 ext. 104     jhill@cvim.org
  Vice President of Operations
Marie E. Frey, FACHE
610-836-5990 ext. 106     mfrey@cvim.org
  Director of Finance
Terri Garbutt
610-836-5990 ext. 140     tgarbutt@cvim.org