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Friday, August 7, 2020

News & Events

Month: March 2013
Mammogram Van Screens Women at CVIM March 25, 2013

Women’s health is a serious issue.  Many patients who use CVIM services have not had the ability to receive routine tests and exams in years, if ever.  Some may be living with disease and infection with no way of knowing what is wrong or how to treat i …

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CVIM Smoking Cessation Program a Success March 22, 2013

Smoking is associated with a plethora of health issues and debilitating diseases.  Those who smoke are more prone to develop many types of cardiovascular disease, oral health problems, decreased bone density, infertility, cancers, and more.  In an effo …

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CVIM Visits Jay Wright and Villanova Basketball March 15, 2013

Many of the volunteers and staff at CVIM are interested in sports and physical fitness.  In addition to donating their time and talent at the clinic, they are athletes, intramural coaches, Special Olympics volunteers, and sports fans.  It is a mutual l …

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