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Friday, December 14, 2018


Volunteers are the heart and soul of Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM). Our volunteer licensed healthcare professionals and support volunteers embody a “Culture of Caring” that is shared with our patients through the provision of compassionate, culturally competent and dignified care.  The program model of volunteers giving of their time, talents and experience has allowed us to serve the community for 20 years. Our patients receive exemplary care thanks to the service work of 442 volunteer licensed clinicians and support professionals.  These doctors, nurses, dental hygienists, pharmacists, interpreters and more come from all over Chester County to volunteer over 57,000 hours a year of service work in the pursuit of better health for the community.

More than 65% of CVIM patients speak Spanish or another language.  Therefore, we are always looking for BILINGUAL individuals to volunteer in EVERY area of the clinic to help their neighbors in need.

Malpractice coverage for any clinical volunteer is available through the Federal Torts Claims Act Coverage of Free Clinic Volunteer Health Care Professionals.

To see the list of our current volunteer needs, Click here