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Monday, August 20, 2018

20 Years, 20 Stories

Celebrating 20 Years of Healthcare, Hope and Healing!

In its 20 year history, CVIM has been built and sustained by our family of Patients, Volunteers, Donors and Community Partners. Throughout our 20th Anniversary year in 2018 we will share with you 20 stories from our CVIM family to yours.  Check for new videos here and on our social media platforms throughout the year as we come together to keep our mission of providing healthcare, hope and healing to the community alive!

Mary B. Wirshup, MD, FAAFP, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Community Volunteers in Medicine gives insight into the resilience of our patients and the privilege she feels it is to be a part of their healthcare team.

Donor and Volunteer Ginny Fanfera shares why she has been a part of CVIM for 20 years. “To be motivated, really you just have to talk to the patients and understand what an impact being well has for your overall being…”

Reggie and Fred Witzeling share what volunteering at CVIM means to them. “Every time I talk to people they are amazed it exists, and what a valuable part of the community it really has become…”

A CVIM patient tells his story…

A family is able to put their worries aside at CVIM…

Patients help us celebrate 20 years of providing healthcare, hope and healing…