Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In December 2012, Animas volunteered to participate in a day of caring at Community Volunteers in Medicine.  In a huge show of support, they had more employee volunteers than our clinic could hold!  In exchange, Animas decided to help advance CVIM’s mission by creating and donating 1,000 dental packs to help patients, particularly children, improve and maintain their oral health.

Each of the 1,000 kits contained two Reach toothbrushes, one pack of floss, and a bottle of anticavity Listerine mouthwash.  Children and young adults have enjoyed taking the packs home with them as a gift, especially during the holiday season when many are reminded of the basic resources they lack on a daily basis.  Many parents who would not otherwise be able to afford these oral health necessities could sleep well knowing their children had the tools they needed for a healthy smile.

CVIM is very appreciative of the generosity and compassion of Animas.