Friday, July 12, 2013

On June 30, 2013, CVIM closed fiscal year 2013.  As the new fiscal year gets underway, we at CVIM have taken this opportunity to reflect on the growth the clinic experienced last year and the staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners who made us able to keep up with the increased demand for our services.  We are still compiling a full list of CVIM advances and accomplishments in FY2013, but the list below gives a brief preview:

  • Expanded Friday morning hour to offer full clinic services, including medical specialties
  • Developed a new patient call team that returned 3,847 calls over 9 months
  • Restructured workflow within the clinic, including the move of the PAP department to Conference Room A, to maximize efficiency and accomodate increase in volunteer and staffing needs
  • Inducted 15 new Pillar Society members into the Pillar society
  • Created Medication Therapy Management, a process during which patients are counseled on their medications, optimal technique and administration times, and assistance is provided to help the patient become more compliant
  • Partnered with Main Line Health to offer 506 flu vaccinations for clinic patients
  • Launched social media outreach, including Facebook and YouTube, to expand outreach by disseminating CVIM operational information via varied media
  • 191 students gave over 6,322 hours of service through CVIM
CVIM is incredibly grateful for all of the donors, volunteers, and supporters who have made these accomplishments possible.  We look forward to sharing additional CVIM FY13 highlights and accomplishments soon!