Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For years, CVIM has offered Professional Practice meetings on the first Wednesday of every month to update clinicians on a variety of topics including new national care guidelines, CVIM program results, and urgent needs in the community and how CVIM can help address them.  These meetings serve to not only keep clinicians abreast of the newest developments in both medicine and the community, but they also serve as an opportunity for improving the quality of care that the clinic’s almost 2,800 medical and dental patients receive at CVIM, their healthcare home.  This month’s Professional Practice meeting addressed a key concern in treating victims of crime and how CVIM is working with community partners to ensure that all those in need have access to primary medical and dental care.

The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, opened in 1973, is the only organization in Chester County that provides a comprehensive range of supportive services to victims of all types of crime, their families, and their significant others throughout the crises they face, the intermediate phase, and afterwards.  While the Crime Victims’ Center provides a wide range of direct services, counseling services, and prevention education programs, they are not able to address on their own the medical needs many victims of crime face.  To address this need, the Crime Victims’ Center has developed a relationship with Community Volunteers in Medicine to make sure these individuals return to the community fully healed following the crime.

The Crime Victims’ Center works with CVIM in two main capacities.  First, they make direct referrals to the clinic to allow victims to receive timely medical care after a crime or after being discharged from the hospital.  The two organizations also work together to find care for individuals outside of the County or with other circumstances that may make them ineligible for services at the non-profit clinic.

Due to the development of this fairly new relationship, it is important that all volunteer clinicians understand how to work with patients who are victims of crime when they come to CVIM.  The minutes from this and every Professional Practice meeting are available on our newly expanded volunteer intranet.  If you were unable to attend this meeting or would like to review what was discussed, the information will be available here.