Friday, March 15, 2013

Many of the volunteers and staff at CVIM are interested in sports and physical fitness.  In addition to donating their time and talent at the clinic, they are athletes, intramural coaches, Special Olympics volunteers, and sports fans.  It is a mutual love of college basketball that brings a core group of CVIM champions together every February to attend a radio show hosted by Jay Wright, coach of Villanova’s men’s team.

“Jay Wright Night”, as the outing is affectionately called, was started as a way to celebrate the many February birthdays of CVIM staff and volunteers.  The event, however, has taken a deeper meaning for those who attend.  They have become ambassadors of CVIM in this unique venue, touching Coach Wright and the Villanova players with tales of their good work and Chester County patients in need.  It did not take long for Coach Wright to begin mentioning CVIM on his radio show during the evening’s celebration.

During this year’s outing, Coach Wright went beyond just mentioning CVIM.  He also brought a birthday cake for the celebrating guests and gave away Villanova memorabilia, allowing the quick-thinking CVIM volunteers the chance to hold an impromptu raffle that raised $200 for the clinic.

This annual social gathering is the perfect example of fundraising and friendraising.  CVIM is proud to have such passionate ambassadors in the community.