Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dr. Laura Offutt, CVIM volunteer, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the College of Physicians, and with the support of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, have developed the first ever PA Teen Health Week, slated for January 25th through the 29th. Each day will focus on important topics of holistic health for teenagers. While there are observances for specific health issues that affect teens (e.g. Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, Youth Violence Prevention Week ) or observances for a wider age group (e.g. Suicide Prevention Month, Distracted Driving Awareness Month), there has not been a week focused on a more holistic view of Teen Health.

The topics that will be discussed throughout PA Teen Health Week are:

  • Monday, January 25th: Healthy diet and exercise
  • Tuesday, January 26th: Violence
  • Wednesday, January 27th: Mental Health
  • Thursday, January 28th: Sexual Development and Health
  • Friday, January 29th: Substance Use and Abuse

CVIM will be sharing important information and resources regarding each topic through its Facebook and Twitter pages. To learn more about PA Teen Health Week, visit Real Talk with Dr. Offutt.