Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The dental clinic at CVIM is truly a unique concept.  Started in 1999 at the Chester County Health Department as an expansion of the CVIM medical clinic which was then located in Frazer, the dental clinic has been providing basic care, restorative services, and educational programs to hundreds of patients for almost 14 years.  In 2001 the dental and medical facilities were consolidated and moved to CVIM’s current location in West Chester, PA, a transition that doubled the clinic’s facility size to 8,000 square feet and moved CVIM well on its way to becoming a true medical home.  In 2009, an extensive renovation project added 1,700 square feet to the clinic, significantly expanding dental workroom and making space for the six dental operatories CVIM enjoys today.

The dental program sees an exceptionally large volume of traffic on a daily basis.  Many patients at CVIM receive only dental services from the clinic and volunteer dentists, hygienists, and students participate often in community outreach programs to restore the smiles of disadvantaged youth in the community while teaching them proper hygiene.  Even as the dental program has expanded, however, up until recently the dental suite was noticeably unfinished.  However, thanks to a generous donation by the Exchange Club of West Chester, an x-ray unit has been added this year to the final dental operatory that was lacking such a resource, making the dental suite better able to treat those in need in the community.

According to Dr. Peter Thompson, VP of Dental Affairs, “Before we received this x-ray unit from the Exchange Club of West Chester, we had to take care to schedule patients according to what tools we had available in each operatory.  Now, we can provide dental care much more efficiently as our dental suite is complete.”  Adds Jackie Mecke, Dental Assistant, “We used to have to move patients from chair to chair just so that others scheduled for the operatory without the x-ray unit could have their pictures done.  We couldn’t accommodate the patients.”

Thank you, Exchange Club of West Chester, for helping to make it possible for CVIM to provide the best care possible to our patients!  Read more about their good work on their website: