Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CVIM is exceedingly grateful to the Longwood Foundation, Welfare Foundation and The Scholler Foundation for their generous grant awards for the purchase of new dental equipment, including dental chairs and stools, fiber optic lighting, a high efficiency endodontic system and digital radiologic equipment.  Once completely installed, this state-of-the-art equipment will help the dental team make a significant difference in the quality of care offered to our more than 2,000 dental patients.

Patients, just like a recent 18 year-old female student from Oxford who came to us this past year with severely compromised jaw and bite issues.  She was born with congenital malformations of the jaw that caused her chin to protrude outward and bottom teeth to be well in front of her top teeth.  For her entire life she had suffered with physical and emotional pain, poor nutrition and low self-esteem.  The daughter of a single father who recently became unemployed, she was referred to CVIM and our staff dentist and orthodontist immediately assessed her needs.  Clearly major surgery was the best but also the most costly route for this patient.  To avoid this, our dentists were, in several visits, able to expand her jaw to allow for better alignment of her upper and lower teeth and applied braces.  The new equipment helped our dental team to work more efficiently to accurately perform the procedures this young girl needed to turn her smile, as well as her life, around.  Many thanks to the Longwood Foundation, Welfare Foundation and The Scholler Foundation for your partnership!

CVIM’s mission and history is founded in community collaboration and partnership.  In FY 2013, our 28 volunteer dentists and 3 part-time paid dentists provided 5,285 visits to 2,004 patients.  CVIM is so grateful to work with these foundations in providing care to those in need!