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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Loyalty Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Abbott, Jr. Dr. James McCabe, Jr.
Chris and Murfee Aceto Ms. Dale McCarter
Ms. Nancy Arnosti Ms. Joan McClintock
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Atticks Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNeil
Ms. Suzanne Barry Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mello
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Battagliese, Jr. Mr. David Miller and Mrs. Maureen Brennan-Miller
Ms. Elsie Bedwell Bonnie and Peter Miller
Caroline and Paul Beideman  The Millrace Foundation
Ms. Amy Bell Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Moorhead, III
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bendinelli Michael and Anne Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bentley Ms. Caroline Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Birl Mr. and Mrs. Ranney Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brennan, III Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Britt Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morse
Mr. Harold Brog Mrs. Doris Mortimer
Bugel Family Foundation Ms. Jennifer Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buongiorno Nancy and Steve Mulhollan
Mr. John Burnell Dr. Thomas Mull
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mulvey
Diego and Linda Calderin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mumma
Lynne Carter Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nagle
Ms. Jeanie Castaldi Dr. Richard Nelson
Thom & Irene Clapper Mr. Alexander Nikas and Dr. Marianne Nikas
Ms. Dorothy Claudy Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Nolan
The Colket Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joe Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Crotchfelt, III Mr. Curtis Norris
Mr and Mrs. Andrew Cvitanov, Sr. Lawrence and Susan O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis Bill and Donna Oliver
Mr. Luca Del Negro John and Jerri Olszewski
Ms. Linda DeNardo Ms. Mary Orban
Diamond Ice Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ortlieb
Mr. and Mrs. James DiCarlo Mr. and Mrs. Dick Palmquist
Mrs. Edward V. Dillon Mrs. John N. Park
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DiMarco Lew and Betty Parry, Jr.
Dougherty Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Paskow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dymowski William and Barbara Patten
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Eichler Mr. and Mrs. David Peirce
Dr. Richard Eisner Dr. Ruth Petkofsky
Mr. and Mrs. John Elicker, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Petrocelli
Mrs. Virginia Fanfera and Mr. Dominic DeGrands Dr. and Mrs. Paul Plourde
Carol and Ken Fetter Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rafferty
Ms. Barbara Fitzgerald Mary A. Renshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Flickinger Ms. Judith Reynolds
Stephen and Lisa Fox Ms. Nancy Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gersbach Bob and Paula Rhodes
Gift from a Friend (42) Ms. Amanda Riley-Kaune
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gilpin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Rios
Mr. Charles Glanville Margaret and Tom Rivello
Mrs. Wilma Glendenning  The Robert E. Lamb Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Morrie Gold Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rorer
Paul and Diana Gormley Sanders Foundation
Mrs. Tucker Gresh Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sarnacki
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Griffen Dr. Scott Saul and Dr. Marjorie Saul
Ms. Beryl Grossman Ms. Barbara Schackel
Mrs. Lucy Guthrie Ms. Ruth Schick
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harkness Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Schwartz
Mr. Joan Harrison Mrs. Cornelia Seidel
Ms. Beverly Hattersley Ms. Stacy Sempier
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Heckman Sylvia  Severance
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Heft Mr. and Mrs. William Seybold, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heidelbaugh Dr. Sara Simpser-Rafalin
Mr. and Mrs. William Henderson, Jr. Ken and Joan Snyder, III
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Hillyer Mr. and Mrs. Landon Spilman
Mrs. Carolyn Hitchcock Ms. Eileen Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Djoerd Hoekstra The Wilding Family Foundation Trust
Anne and Darrell Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson
Deborah Holt Weil Mr. and Mrs. James Thorn
Dr. and Mrs. Graeme Hudson Mr.and Mrs. Edward Tiernan
Rabbi Alan Iser Mr. and Mrs. William Tomoschuk
Mrs. Helen Johnston Mrs. Lucy Trout
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Uhler
Dr. Richard Kent Mr. and Mrs. Peter Unger
Mims and John Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veith
Ms. Virginia Kettenring Dr. and Mrs. Marc Virtue
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kirsch Ms. Mary Wagner
Di and Dallas Krapf Ms. Yvonne Ward
The Landon Family Foundation George and Trudy Warren, Jr.
Ms. Jane Laycock Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Leptuck Ms. Fanny Warren
Blair and Linda LeRoy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Waterman
Ms. Marion Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weaver
Tom and Kathy MacCrory Family Charitable Fund Mr. Joseph Weinstock
Mrs. Jane MacElree Mrs. Joanne Welsh
Mr.and Mrs. Jeffery March Mr. and Mrs. Robert West
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Marvin Ms. Terri Whiteford
Ms. Patricia Masters Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wilk
Mr. Robert Matteucci Mrs. Penelope Wilson
Mark and Melanie Matthews Dr. Mary Wirshup
Mr. and Mrs. James Wolitarsky