Monday, March 25, 2013

Women’s health is a serious issue.  Many patients who use CVIM services have not had the ability to receive routine tests and exams in years, if ever.  Some may be living with disease and infection with no way of knowing what is wrong or how to treat it.  A women’s health clinic at CVIM provides many patients with necessary care and tests; however, nothing can detect breast abnormalities with the accuracy of a mammogram.  Thankfully, CVIM patients are often able to receive mammograms at the clinic thanks to the Fox Chase Mammogram Van.

Three times a year, CVIM staff work to bring the Fox Chase Mammogram Van to the clinic in West Chester.  The Van is fully equipped with the ability to perform mammograms.  The patients can receive these services free of charge and, upon completion of their screening, will be given bilingual breast self-exam information.  The Van typically screens 20 women per visit.

The decision to bring the Mammogram Van to CVIM was made over ten years ago, and the facility has made regular appearances in the clinic’s parking lot ever since.  Many patients find the Van a convenient and comfortable alternative to the hospital setting.  Fostering this type of environment not only creates a welcoming healthcare home for patients, but also increases patient compliance with testing recommendations.  CVIM’s relationship with the Fox Chase Mammogram Van has saved lives and the clinic is hopeful to help even more women in the years to come.