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Our healthcare professionals focus on the whole person, addressing the physical, psychological and social needs of the individual and the family.  Culturally competent care is provided by bilingual healthcare professionals as well as trained medical interpreters.  In addition, we facilitate access to vital community resources such as food cupboards, shelters, financial assistance, domestic violence support, and substance abuse programs.

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Click the links to the left to learn about the Medical Services, Dental Services, Social Services, Education Services, and Drug Dispensary that we offer for eligible patients.

CVIM builds a healthier, more productive community by:

  • Improving the health of adults and keeping them in the workforce as productive community members
  • Safeguarding the public’s health and safety by treating those working in the food, hospitality and transportation industries
  • Managing chronic diseases and teaching patients to invest in their health
  • Minimizing expensive emergency room visits and hospital admissions
  • Keeping children free of dental pain and disease and thriving in school
  • Networking with local physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers to offer comprehensive care for those who need it most
  • Serving as a regional and national consultant to help replicate the volunteer free clinic model.
  • Educating healthcare profession students by serving as a clinical rotation site.