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Friday, August 14, 2020

Drug Dispensary

Operated by staff and volunteer licensed pharmacists, the dispensary provides a comprehensive array of free prescription medications (excluding narcotics) to our medical and dental patients who qualify under the patient assistance prescription programs.  Most of the medicines distributed at CVIM are donated by pharmaceutical companies.  It is the mission of the drug dispensary staff to ensure that patients leave the clinic with the medicines they need to regain and maintain their health.

In addition to offering free medications, the CVIM drug dispensary staff and volunteers provide:

  • Medication safety and use information
  • Prescription assistance application support
  • Ordering and re-order of medicine for eligible patients
  • Disease self-management counseling and classes

MONDAY 1:00-8:00

TUESDAY 9:00-4:00

WEDNESDAY 9:00-8:00

THURSDAY 9:00-4:00

FRIDAY 9:00-1:00

*NOTE: Dispensary hours differ from clinic hours!