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Friday, August 14, 2020

Health Education

Think of the gift of health as a car or a garden. There is regular tasks and care to maintain the proper function of the car and bountiful garden. But there are times when there is a problem that needs extra attention, or you may want to maintain or enhance what you have. That is why, in your CVIM medical home, we have people to help with the problems and help you learn how to make choices to maintain or improve your health.

Health is well-being, and that means looking, listening and hearing the complete/total person, healthy lifestyle and habits – all custom designed just for you.

Our health educators listen to your needs, concerns and health desires to help you understand how to identify and change unhealthy habits for healthy ones with ongoing support.

CVIM is here to help you understand the impact of your choices and we will work with you to make them positive.


CVIM is now offering a personalized healthcare messaging system called caremessageTM.  The messages can be sent through text message or email and is specific to your needs. The goal of the caremessageTM is to provide support, to educate, and to help you make long lasting changes. Each message includes information about medication adherence, exercise, blood sugar, healthy eating, or goal setting. The messages are interactive and get you to take an active role with your health. Right now, we are offering the program to our diabetic patients, health coaching patients, nutrition patients, and smoking patients. If you would like to sign up for the program or have any questions, call 610-836-5990 ext. 105.

*CaremessageTM is a free from CVIM, but you may receive extra charges from your cell phone carrier, unless you have unlimited texting.