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Friday, December 14, 2018


The success and growth of our patient services depends on the generosity and compassion of our community.  Since our founding in 1998, CVIM has enjoyed the support of many  individuals, faith-based and civic organizations, foundations and businesses in our county.  We gratefully acknowledge those who have given in the past year.  If you would like to learn more about how you can become a donor, click here.

Donors (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017)

    Current Donors – listed alphabetically:
A to C                 M to P
D to G                Q to S
H to L                 T to Z

A – C

Mrs. Bernadine Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Abbott
Ms. Jane Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Aceto
Acme Market
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Adams
Dr. Karl Ahlswede
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Ahrensdorf
John Ainsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Alos
Ms. Judith Amand
Amazon Smile Program
AmerisourceBergen Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ammon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anderson
Ms. Milagros Angelino
Animas Corporation
Arianna’s Gourmet Cafe and Catering
Mr. & Mrs. John Arndt
Carol Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Asbury
Ms. Mary Jo Ashenfelter
Mr. and Mrs. William Ashenfelter
Association Associates
Dr. William Atkins
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Atticks
Banbury Systems
Dr. Denis Bane
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bare
Ms. Suzanne Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Battagliese
Ms. Brenda Batten
BB&T – The Addis Group
Mr. & Mrs. David Beach
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Beaugard
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Beck
Mr. Leif Beck
Ms. Elsie Bedwell
Ms. Virginia Behan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beideman
Ms. Linda Beisty
Mr. & Mrs. James Bellas
Beneficial Bank
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Bentley Systems, Inc.
Mr. Brian Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Mahlon Bierly
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Binnion
Ms. Catherine Binz
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Birl
Dr. and Mrs. Iain Black
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Black
Mrs. Isabelle Blank
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Blankley
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Blough
Blue Sky Family Foundation, Inc.
BMS Matching Gift Program
BNY Mellon Corporations Community Partnership
BNY Mellon/Wealth Management
Mr. and Mrs. George Bourrie
Anthony Boutelle
Mr. Mike Bowers
Ms. Kim Bowman
Braithwaite Communications
Brandywine Health Foundation
Brandywine Hospital Medical and Dental Staff, Inc.
Brandywine Realty Trust
Mr. Roger Braun
Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brennan
Ms. Lisa Brenner
Mr. Raymond Briscuso
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Britt
Mr. Harold Brog
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bronner


Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Mr. Michael Brown
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Mr. Jim Bruder
Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists Association
Mr. & Mrs. George Bucci
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buongiorno
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burg
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Burke
Martin Burke
Dr. and Reverend Glenn Burkland
Mr. and Mrs. John Burnell
Mr. Michael Burns
Ms. Susan Burriss
Ms. Dianne Butera
Bywood Seafood
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Calderin
Calvary Lutheran Church
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Campagna
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Campbell
Ms. Denise Campbell
Ms. Stephanie Cappelli
Captain Chucky’s
Mr. Stephen Carlan
Carlino’s Specialty Foods
Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Carter
Casaccio Architects
Mr. Chris Cashman
Dr. Renee Cassidy
Ms. Jeanie Castaldi
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Casterline
Cerner Corporation
Ms. Marjorie Chandler
Charitable Flex Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Chessock
Chester County Community Foundation, Inc.
Chester County Electric
Chester County Fund For Women and Girls
Chester Delaware County Dental Hygienists Assoc.
Church Farm School
Ms. Susann Ciorletti
Circle of Friends Charities
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Clapham
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Clapper
Mr. Matt Clark
Ms. Paula Clark
Ms. Dorothy Claudy
Mr. and Mrs. William Clinton
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Coady
Ms. Constance Cockshaw
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cohen
The Colket Foundation
Mr. Jack Collazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Colletta
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Collins
Comcast Spotlight
Commonwealth of PA
Comstar Technologies
Conestoga High School
Mrs. A. M. Congdon
Ms. Dorene Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cope
County of Chester
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Ms. Lauren Cowan
Cozen O’Connor
Ms. Ruth Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Crossan
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Crotchfelt
CU Direct
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cuff
Ms. Melanie Culbertson
Ms. Nancy Cunningham
Ms. Alice Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cvitanov

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D – G

Ms. Kathy Dabundo
Ms. Francine Dague
Ms. Cynthia Dallara
Dr. Jyoti Dangi
Mrs. Carlyn Darby
Ms. Donna Darlington
Gregory Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis
Ms. Sandra Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Decker
Mr. Domenic DeGrands
Mr. Luca Del Negro
Ms. Linda DeNardo
The Dental Society of Delaware and Chester County
Dentsply Sirona Preventative
Devault Foods
Dr. Theresa Devine
Diamond Ice Foundation
Mr. James Dickerson
Ms. Jessica DiDonato
Mr. Gregory DiFonzio
Mr. & Mrs. Valentino Digiorgio
Mrs. Anne Dillon
Dilworth Paxon
Mr.& Mrs. Charles DiMarco
Mr. Dewey Dimarzio
Dixie Picnic
Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Dixon
Felter Bette Dobbins
DocuVault Delaware Valley
Mr. & Mrs. John Dodds
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Donatone
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Donohoe
Ms. Judith Dooling
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Doubet
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dougherty
The Dougherty Family Foundation
Ms. Margarita Douros
Downingtown General Denitstry
Dr. K. S. & B. Sachdeva Charitable Foundation
Ms. June Duncan
Mr. Michael Duncan
Mr. Thomas Durkin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dymowski
Dr. Paul Eberts
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Eichler
Mr. Bill Eichner
Dr. Richard Eisner
El Limon
Mr. and Mrs. John Elicker
Dr. & Mrs. Alan Elko
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Elrod
Ms. Marilyn Ely
EMC Outdoor
John Erickson
Ms. Karen Ernst
Dr. and Mrs. Simplicio Evangelista
Ms. Alanna Eveler
Mrs. Margaret Ewing
Exelon Corporation
Exelon Generation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. Chuck Fagan
Mr. & Mrs. John Fagan
Ms. Rebecca Fairchild
Mrs. Virginia Fanfera
Ms. Elizabeth Fee
Ms. Nancy Felter
Mr. & Mrs. Travis Fernald
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Ferrari
Theresa Ferrari
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fetter
Mr. Andrew Fichter
Fidelity Charitable
Ms. Marie Filipponi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finley
Firehouse Subs
First Clearing, LLC
First Cornerstone Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. John Fisher
Ms. Barbara Fitzgerald
Ms. Patricia Flanagan
Mr. Joseph Flather
Mr. & Mrs. L. Carl Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Flickinger
Flowers by Priscilla
Mr. Dennis Flynn
Ms. Marilyn Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flynn
George Foote
Mr. and Mrs. William Fowler
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Fox
Dr. Timothy Fox
Fox and Roach Charities
Fox Rothschild, LLP
Frankie’s Fellini Cafe
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
Ms. Linda Fratantoni
Frazer Mennonite Church
Ms. Cara Freedman
Mr. Erich Freimuth
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fremont
Ms. Marie Frey
Dr. Robert Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frost
Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.
Ms. Irene Gallagher
Ms. Terri Garbutt
Mr. and Mrs. John Garvey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gavin
The GE Foundation
Gen3 Construction Company, Inc.
General Air Products Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Genuardi
Mr. & Mrs. George Gephart
Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Gerardi
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gersbach
Mrs. Margie Gettings
GFWC Chester County
Giant Food Store
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gibson
Ms. Aarti Gidh
Mr. Kent Gilpin
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Gilpin
Mr. Charles Glanville
Ms. Julie Glanville
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Glasgow
Mrs. Wilma Glendenning
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gluskin
Dr. & Mrs. Morrie Gold
Ms. Arlene Goldberg
Golf Sales Misc.
Dr. Carlos Gomez
Mr. Joseph Goodman
Ms. Joyce Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gormley
Dr. Scott Gottlieb
John Grady
Mr. Jan Graybill
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Greenberg
Mr. &Mrs. Karl Grentz
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Griffen
Ms. Teresa Groshans
Mr. William L. Gross
Ms. Beryl Grossman
Grove United Methodist Church
Jr Grover
Joseph Grubb
Mr. Robert Guempel
Mr. and Mrs. James Gulczynski
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gundaker
Mrs. Lucy Guthrie

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H – L

The H. O. West Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hagendorf
Zan Hale
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Handago
Ms. Susan Hardin
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Harkness
Ms. Dolores Harper
Mrs. Joan Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harrison
Ms. Louise Harter
Ms. Janet Harvey
Mr. Glenn Hauser
The Haverford Trust Company
Mrs. Twonette Hawkins
Mr. & Mrs. O. Darrell Hayes
Dr. and Mrs. James and Diane Heald
The Health Care Improvement Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Rodman Heckman
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heidelbaugh
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Heier
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Heim
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Heinmiller
Mr. & Mrs. William Henderson
Ms. Carol Henn
Ms. Joanne Hill
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Hillyer
Mr. & Mrs. Djoerd Hoekstra
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoerner
Mr. & Mrs. James Holman
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Holmes
Dr. & Mrs. Barry Holms
Mr. Matthew Holt
Ms. Deborah Holt Weil
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Holveck
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hood
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hooker
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hoplamazian
Mr. Thomas Horne
Ms. Marlene Houston
Howell Royal Arch Chapter No. 202
Ms. Gail Hudson
IMC Construction, Inc.
Impact 100 Philadelphia
Independence Blue Cross
Independence Blue Cross Foundation
Irene D. Cunningham Trust
Rabbi Alan Iser
J. J. White Inc.
Mr. Dennis Jackman
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson
Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jaffe
Janssen Biotech
Tim Jefferis
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Jensen
Jimmy’s BBQ
Ms. Susan Johnson
Johnson & Johnson
Mrs. Helen Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jorda
 Mr. Kenneth Joseph
Ms. Marguerita Joyce
JP Morgan Chase’s Good Works Employee Giving Program
Junior New Century Club of West Chester, Inc.
Ms. Adele Juzi
Mr. & Mrs. Andre Kalisperis
Mr. Robert Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keith
Mr. James Kelly
Kennett Run Charities, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kenney
Mr. John Kenney
Dr. and Mrs. James Kenning
Dr. Richard Kent
Kent Medical Inc.
Ms. Diane Kerly
Dr. & Mrs. John Kerr
Mrs. Ella Kester
Ms. Virginia Kettenring
Mr. Patrick Kieffer
Mr. Dave Kille
Ka Kim
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Kimmel
Ms. Joyce Kleiber
Ms. Angelina Kodis
Edward Kovatch
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Kowey
Peter Kratsa
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Krischker
Ms. Sarah Kupchick
L. F. Driscoll Company, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lacy
Ms. Alberta Landis
The Landon Family Foundation
Mr. Thomas Lane
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Lanza
Dr. & Mrs. Steven LaPorte
Ms. Tonia Lapp
Ms. Petra Larsen
Dr. and Mrs. Donald LaVan
Ms. Tracey Laws
Ms. Jane Laycock
Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Leaman
Ms. Marietta Ledonne
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Legnini
Mrs. Carol Lenker
Mr. & Mrs. James Lennon
Nathanael Lentz
Mr. Cary Leptuck
Dr. & Mrs. N. Blair LeRoy
Lester Water, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lewis
Mr. Michael Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lezynski
Liberty Property Trust
Life Sciences Pennsylvania
Lionville Family Dentistry
LiquidHub, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. William Lockard
Ms. Alice Lodge
Ms. Lianne Lofgren
Ms. Jean Long
Ms. Marion Ludwig
Ms. Elaine Lunardi

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M – P

Mrs. Jane MacElree
MacElree Harvey, LTD.
Mr. Boyd Mackleer
Mr. William MacLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magnavita
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mahal
The Main Line Chamber Foundation
Main Line Health
Main Line Quilters
Ms. Veronica Manaker
Mr. Jeffrey Mandler
Ms.wartz Carol Mandour
Ms. Jacqueline Manfredi
Mr.& Mrs. Jeffery March
Marchwood Dental Associates
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Marino
Mario and Sara Rafalin Foundation
The Marshall Reynolds Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Marvin
Mr. and Mrs. William Masapollo
Mr. and Mrs. F. Robert Masters
Maternal & Child Health Consortium
Mr. Robert Matteucci
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Matthews
Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Mauriello
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McAnally
Mr. Dennis McAndrews
Mr. & Mrs. Edward McAssey
Michael McBratnie
Dr. James McCabe
Mr. & Mrs. John McCabe
Ms. Dale McCarter
Dr. Catherine McCarthy
Ms. Mary McCleaft
Ms. Joan McClintock
Dr. Scott McCurley
Ms. Jane McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. John McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. John McGuinn
Mr. Tom McIlwain
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McKee
Ms. Sara McKnight
Dr. & Mrs. George McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin
The McLean Contributionship
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McLelland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNeil
Ms. Patricia McShea
Mr. and Mrs. John McTiernan
Ms. Patricia Meehan
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Mello
Meridian Bank
Mr. John Merrick
Ms. Catherine Merritt
Mr. Paul Michener
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Milani
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Milano
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Milberg
Dr. Jerome Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Miller
The Millrace Foundation
Mr. Frederick Mitchell
Mobile Cause
Charlton Monsanto
Moonshine United Zion Church
Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Ranney Moran
Ms. Christine Moretzsohn
Ms. Robyn Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley – CyberGrants, Inc.
Morphotek Inc.
Ms. Marty Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morse
Mrs. Doris Mortimer
MSS Advisors
Ms. Jennifer Mueller
Mr. Richard Mulford
Ms. Nancy Mulhollan
Dr. Thomas Mull
Ms. Karen Mullins
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mulvey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. John Nagle
Reverend & Mrs. W. Jeffery Nagorny
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nardone
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Naylor
Network For Good
Mr. Robert Newell
Thomas Neylon
Dr. and Mr. Marianne Nikas
Dr. & Mrs. James Nocks
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Norman
Mr. Curtis Norris
Dr. Steven Nussbaum
Ms. Catherine O’Donnell
Dr. Laura Offutt
Mr. John Ogle
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis O’Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. William Oliver
Mr. and Reverend John Olszewski
Mr. John Oneil
Opa Opa
Ms. M. Michel Orban
Leslie Orischak
Ms. Maralyn Ortlieb
OSIsoft, LLC
P.E.O. Chapter O
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pacitti
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Packer
Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Paier
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Palmquist
S Pancoast
Paoli Odd Fellows #290 IOOF
Mrs. Carol Park
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Parry
Dr. Peter Parry
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Parsons
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Paskow
Ms. Doris Passamonti
Patient Friends of CVIM
Mr. and Mrs. William Patten
Patterson Foundation
Ms. Marina Pavluk
Mr. Bruce Peacock
Ms. Virginia Peckham
Mr. Nicholas Peetros
Mr. & Mrs. David Peirce
Penn Medicine
Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital
Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital – Medical Staff
Dr. Leslie Pepitone
Mr. Anthony Peracchia
Rocco Perate
Mr. Gary Perecko
Ms. Laura Perfetti
Ms. Mary Perry
Dr. Ruth Petkofsky
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Pfizer United Way Campaign
Ms. Kelsi Pflueger
Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Foundation
Philadelphia Hospital and Healthcare
Mr. Richard Phillips
Phoenixville Community Health Foundation
Dr. Bruce Piccone
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Pizzola
Dr. David Plessett
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Plotzker
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Plourde
Mr. John Poksheva
Mr. and Mrs. John Poling
Polka Dots
Ms. Mary Ann Popma
Richard Powell Committee Powell Family Foundation
Mr. Gene Preston
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC
Pulmonology Associates, Inc.
Mr. Hugh Purnell
Mrs. Emily Purnell-Johnson
Pursuit Healthcare Advisors


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Q – S

Ms. Audrey Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Quigley
Mr. Brian Quinn
Julio Quinones
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Rabinowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rackover
Mr. Robert Radie
Radley Run Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rafferty
Narojas Ramdas
Red Star Craft House
Ms. Lisbeth Reidy
Dr. and Mrs. John Reilly
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Reitano
Mr. & Mrs. John Renshaw
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Resnick
Ms. Judith Reynolds
Ms. Nancy Reynolds
Dr. Nancy Reynolds
Ms. Phyllis Rhoads
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rhodes
Dr. Rosine Richa
Ms. Barbara Richardson
Rieker Inc.
The Riley Company
Ms. Amanda Riley-Kaune
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Rios
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rittenhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rivello
RJM Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Robb
The Robert E. Lamb Foundation, Inc.
Robert Krauss, DMD
Ms. Debbie Robertson
Rockacy Benefit Associates, LLC
Mr. David Rohrer
Mr. Art Roman
Ms. Deb Romich
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rosato
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rose
The Honorable Chris Ross
Rotary Club of Kennett at Longwood
Rotary Club of Paoli Malvern Berwyn
Rotary Club of Upper Main Line
The Rotary Club of West Chester
Ms. Lauren Rothkopf
Mr. Jose Rovelli
Mr. John Rudibaugh
Ms. Deborah Ruth
Mr. Michael Rydzy
Safeguard Scientifics
Ms. Patricia Saltzberg
Mr. David Sanders
Sanders Foundation
Ms. Bailey Santaguida
Mr. Gregory Sarian
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sarnacki
SAS Insititute Inc.
Saul Ewing, LLP
Dr. Richard Schaaf
Ms. Barbara Schackel
Ms. Joan Schenk
Paul Schick
Ms. Ruth Schick
Schiel Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Schmid
Ms. Mary Ann Schmidt
John Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schnably
 Ms. Deena Schneider
Duke Schneider
Scholler Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schott
Ms. Kathryn Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Schumann
Schwab Charitable Fund
Ms. Kathleen Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Willard Scott
SEI Investments
Seid Carro Family Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Cornelia Seidel
Ms. Julie Seman
Ms. Stacy Sempier
Ms. Liisa Sestrich
Ms. Sylvia Severance
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seybert
Mr. and Mrs. William Seybold
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Shaffer
Mr. David Shealy
Shearon Environmental Design Company, Inc
Ms. Robin Shine
Shop Rite of West Chester
Ms. Marion Shumway
Mr. Douglas Siberski
Ms. Elaine Sigler
Mr. Arthur Silverberg
Ms. Agnes Silverman
The Simkiss Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Siravo
Brian Sisko
Dr. Andrew Sitkoff
Ms. Carla Slike
Sloane Automotive Group
Mr. & Mrs. John Smink
Mr. & Mrs. A. Gilmore Smith
Mr. Hank Smith
Ms. Jacqueline Smith
Mr. Kevin Smith
Rodman Smith
Ms. Suzanne Smith
Dr. Barbara Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. John Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Landon Spilman
St. Francis-In-The-Fields Episcopal Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Drew Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stark
Ms. Amory Stedman
Stevens & Lee
Ms. Beverly Stevenson
Ms. Eileen Stewart
Mr. Robert Stiles
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Stock
Mr. Ted Stolarczyk
Mr. William Stratton
Mr. Fred Strauss
Mr. Gaynor Strickler
Ms. Margaret Strickler
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stupplebeen
Sugartown Smoke Specialties
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sullivan
Mr. David Sung
Surgical Eye Care LTD

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T – Z

The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Ms. Laura Taylor
Ms. Margaret Terrels
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Teti
Mrs. Cristina Teunissen
Teva Pharmaceuticals
The Elaine and Vincent Bell Foundation
The Fraser Charitable Foundation of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
The John and Shirley Nash Foundation
The K Foundation
The Lasko Family Foundation
The Mushroom Festival, Inc.
The Rorer Foundation
The William Bass Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. James Thomas
Ms. Margaret Thompson
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. James Thorn
Dr. and Mrs. James Thornton
Mr.and Mrs. Edward Tiernan
Ms. Tema Tiller
Ms. Patricia Toebe
Mr. and Mrs. William Tomoschuk
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Toner
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Totten
Nu-Anh Tran
Travelers CyberGrants Inc.
Triskeles Foundation
Mrs. Lucy Trout
Ms. Lisa Trucksess
Turner Cable
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Twomey
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Uhler
United Healthcare of Pennsylvania & Delaware
United Methodist Church of West Chester
United Way of Central Maryland
United Way of Chester County
United Way of Delaware
United Way of Greater Philadelphia & So New Jersey
United Way of Lancaster County
United Way of Metro Dallas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Urban
Mr. Mike Valentine
Valley Study Club
Mr. Archbold Van Beuren
Vanguard Charitable
The Vanguard Group
Vanguard ID Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veith
Ms. Marlene Vergillo
Mr. Anthony Vetrano
 Dr. and Mrs. Marc Virtue
VNA Philadelphia
Mr. Charles Vogel
Ms. Catherine Voorhees
Ms. Mary Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walk and Family
Ms. Elizabeth Walls
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Ward
Ms. Yvonne Ward
Ms. Carol Ware
Mr. & Mrs. George Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Warther
Warwick Child Care Center Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Watson
Wawa Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weigel
Mr. Joseph Weinstock
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wells Fargo Philanthropy Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert West
West Chester Area Education Association
Western Main Line Medical Associates
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Mr. & Mrs. McCoy Weymouth
Ms. Linda Whitehead
Mr. & Mrs. Saul Wider
Ms. Binney Wietlisbach
The Wilding Family Foundation
Ms. Kathleen Wileczek
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wilk
Mr. Russ Williams
Michael Willner
Mr. Robert Willson
Wilson Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Withrow
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Witzeling
Mr. and Mrs. James Wolitarsky
Ms. Timi Wolov
The Woman’s Exchange of West Chester
Women’s Health Care Group of PA
Ms. Joan Wood
Ms. Therese Woodman
Ms. Dona Wray
Ms. Kathleen Wright
Ms. Margaret Wright
Ms. Meaghan Wright
Mr. Mark Yoder
YourCause LLC, Trustee for Pfizer Annual Giving Campaign
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Vanguard Matching Gift Program
Mr. Justin Zipser