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Friday, August 14, 2020

Harrison Society

The Harrison Society of Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) proudly honors the legacy of Dr. Frank S. Harrison Jr., whose love of learning, dedication to excellent patient care and philanthropic generosity forever impacted the patient lives he touched at CVIM. We acknowledge and thank our members of The Harrison Society for their generous support of $1,000 or more to Community Volunteers in Medicine for Fiscal Year 2019.

About Dr. Frank S. Harrison Jr. 

Dr. Harrison began volunteering at CVIM in 2006 after a 38 year career as a cardiologist at Main Line Health.  Following his motto to “live life with gusto and resolve,” he spent 10 years providing free healthcare to the most vulnerable among us in the Chester County region.  He believed everyone had a basic right to quality medical care and treated each patient he served with compassion and dignity.

CVIM is the healthcare home where the community comes together to provide free healthcare, hope and healing to those who have no other place to turn for medical and dental care and health education.

Today, the need for CVIM remains as strong as it was when we opened our doors almost two decades ago.

Become a Member of The Harrison Society Today

By making a gift of $1,000 or more, become a CVIM donor and join a community of supporters who share a dedication to our mission.  Honor Dr. Harrison’s memory and help CVIM remain responsive to the growing healthcare needs in Chester County and beyond.

CVIM is honored to announce The Bob and Carlene West Match Challenge. All donors giving $1,000 or more to CVIM for the first time will be matched by a $1,000 donation from the Wests, up to $25,000. To learn more, please click here

Please click here to give online now and become a member of The Harrison Society.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Abbott, Jr. Tom and Kathy MacCrory Family Charitable Fund
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Ms. Susan Ash Mr. Ed Mcassey
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The B & W Family Foundation, Inc The McCoach Calloway 2012 Charitable Fund
Mr. Suresh Babu Ms. Jane McDowell
Ms. Suzanne Barry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin, Jr.
Joanna Bassert, VMD and Edward Marshall, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Robert Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Battagliese, Jr. Mr. David Miller and Mrs. Maureen Brennan-Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Beck The Millrace Foundation
Caroline and Paul Beideman Mr. Michael Modes
The Elaine and Vincent Bell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ranney Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bentley Michael and Anne Moran
Ms. Julie Blank Ms. Caroline Moran
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Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cottone The Powell Family Foundation/Richard S. Powell Family Division
Cody Covington Andrew Rabin, MD
Ms. Linda DeNardo Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rafferty
Mr. Niall Doherty Mr. Robert Riley
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Dougherty Family Foundation The Robert E. Lamb Foundation, Inc.
Dr. K. S. & B. Sachdeva Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Glen Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Eichler Mr. and Mrs. Tex Rochester
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Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harkness Dr. Richard Schaaf
Mrs. Joan Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harrison Ms. Anne Schoemaker
Ms. Patricia Hartnett Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Schumann
Ms. Beverly Hattersley Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Heckman Ms. Stacy Sempier
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heidelbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shane
Mrs. Jane Hollingsworth Dr. and Mrs. Jay Worth Siegfied
Mr. and Mrs. James Holman Mr. Arthur Silverberg
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Holt Lydia Slavish, MD, FACOG
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Mr. and Mrs. M. Roy Jackson Mr. Ethan Thomason
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