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Friday, August 14, 2020

The Bob and Carlene West Match Challenge

CVIM is honored to announce The Bob and Carlene West Match Challenge.
The Wests give passionately to support CVIM’s mission and challenge others to do the same!All donors giving $1,000 or more to CVIM for the first time will be matched by a $1,000 donation from the Wests, up to $25,000. Your $1,000 gift will double CVIM’s impact – helping the working poor in our region receive access to needed quality healthcare. The Match Challenge will be ongoing until June 30, 2020.
Each new donor will become a member of CVIM’s Harrison Society. The Harrison Society of CVIM proudly honors the legacy of Dr. Frank S. Harrison Jr., a volunteer of over 10 years, whose love of learning, dedication to excellent patient care, and philanthropic generosity forever impacted the patient lives he touched at CVIM.

For more information or to donate, contact Jason Arbacheski at jarbacheski@cvim.org or by phone at 610-836-5990 ext 132

Supporters to Date:

Jason and Alison Arbacheski William McGarrigle/REMAX Main Line
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Atticks Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGowan
Victoria Guerra Brady and Roger Davis Brady Dr. Neal Neuman
Roger Braun Mr. and Mrs. Peter Oetinger
Kelly Covington Mr. and Mrs. Brad Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cyronak The Osborne Family
Rick and Lora Davis Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Parsons
DiCandilo Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Pellicano
Dillon / Wong Charitable Fund Sally C. Pew
Mrs. Margaret Ewing Mr. Ivan Pinto and Mrs. Preeti Pinto
Mr. Edward Fahey Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ritchey
Fenicle Charitable Fund Ms. Amy Romero
Rebecca Fitton Mr. Jose Rovelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fremont Julie and David Rusenko
Dr. Donald Gallagher Barbara Schilberg
Julia Gates Pamela Scott, MD and Dr. Raza Khwaja
Hartlein-Peterson Charitable Trust Suzanne Smith and Susan Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hoover Andrea A. & James G. Stewart Fund
Dr. Matthew Hulbert Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stupplebeen, Jr.
Susan Keith, MD* Michael and Mary Swanick
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Leaman, Jr. Dr. David Swintek and Dr. Barbara Diorio
Manny and Trang Mar Swope Lees Commercial Real Estate LLC
Adam and Deane Mariotti Dr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson
Ms. Lorri Waldis