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Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Gifts of $100 and above

Abrams Cosmetic Dentistry

Ms. Ana Aguilera

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ames

Ms. Nancy Arnosti

Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. Askinas

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Attick

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Beck

Leif C. Beck, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Beckert

Bernadette`s Bookclub

Mrs. Christine Biggs

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Black

Mrs. Isabelle Blank

Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Blough

Mr. and Mrs. James Boyce

Ms. Ingeborg Breuers

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Browne

Mr. and Mrs. David Brune

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Burns

Dr. and Mrs. John Caggiano

Mr. Kenneth Cangin

Mr. Stephen Carlan

Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Carter

Ms. Jeanie Castaldi

Ms. Cecilia Castillo and Mr. Ignacio Magana

Ms. Marilyn Catania-Bello

Ms. Linda Chin

Mr. Justin Clark

Ms. Dorothy Claudy

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Coady

Ms. Constance L. Cockshaw

Ms. Donna Colver

Mrs. A. M. Congdon

Mr. John Cooper

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Ms. Ruth Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Crotchfelt III

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Cvitanov, Sr.

Ms. Francine Dague

Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Davis

Mr. Luca V. Del Negro

Del Toyota/Chevrolet

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Dempsey

Ms. Rosemary Derosa

Dr. M. Elayne DeSimone and Dr. William S. Zirker

DFR Print and Mail Solutions, LLC.

Mr. and Mrs. James L. DiCarlo

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Duke

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Egan

Doug and Martha Eggan and Family

Ms. Cristin Ehrgott

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Elrod

Ms. Alanna Eveler

Dr. Lloyd Feigenbaum

Ms. Barbara R. Feinstein

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fetter

Ms. Barbara J. Fitzgerald

Dr. Alan Forman

Ms. Mary Fortinash

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Fox

Frazer Mennonite Church

Ms. Tracey Frazier

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frost

Ms. Terri Garbutt

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gates

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Genuardi

Mr. and Mrs. William George

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Gerardi

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Gersbach

Ms. Linda Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gilpin, Jr.

Ms. Elizabeth Brecht and Mr. Charles Glanville

Dr. Barbara Glockson

Dr. and Mrs. Morrie G. Gold

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grant, Sr.

Mr. Brian Graves

Mrs. Tucker C. Gresh

Ms. Beryl B. Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Gundaker

Hemlata Gurnaney

Mr. Robert Gushurst

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hagan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hancock

Ms. Bonnie G. Hancock

Ms. Angela Harkins

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Harkness

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Haughton

Ms. Marie T. Hawkins

Mrs. Twonette Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Heckman

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Heft

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Heier

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Heim

Mr. and Mrs. A. Carl Helwig

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Henderson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Hess

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Hess

Mr. Steve Higgins and Ms. Ann Foley

Mrs. Carolyn G. Hitchcock

Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Hobman

Mr. and Mrs. Djoerd Hoekstra

Dr. and Mrs. Darrell M. Hoffman

Dr. Mary Hofmann

Ms. Beth Holstein

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hood, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hoover

Ms. Helen Horstmann

Ms. Patricia Inglesby

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Jensen

Ms. Susan A. Johnson

Mr. George Jordan

Dr. Elyse Seidner-Joseph and Mr. Kenneth Joseph

Dr. Glenn Kaplan

Dr. Richard B. Kent

Ms. Barbara B. Kepple

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Kerr

Ms. Virginia Kettenring

Ms. Sonya Khan

Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Kirsch

Mr. Matthew Klim

Ms. Margaret E. Kramarie

Mr.Peter Kratsa/MacElree Harvey

Ms. Sarah Kupchik

Mr. James Kurtz

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Lacy

Ms. Sharon Lamb

Ms. Casey Langwith

Mr. Paul Lavallee

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee

Mr. Cary F. Leptuck

Lester Water, Inc.

Ms. Madeline Levine and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lezynski

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Liss

Ms. Alice Lodge

Ms. Carmela Lonergan

Ms. Elaine Lunardi

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas  M. MacCrory

Ms. Elizabeth MacGibbon

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Maher

Dr. Frances Marchant

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Martin

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Masapollo

Mr. Robert M. Matteucci

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Matthews

Dr. Alfred Mauriello

Dr. Catherine R. McCarthy and Dr. Patrick McCarthy

Mr. Michael McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde D. McKee III

Mr. John McTiernan

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Mellon

Ms. Michele Melton

Mr. John R. Merrick

Dr. Kurt Meyers and Mrs. Linda Yedinak-Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Milani

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Miller, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mixner

Moonshine United Zion Church

Mrs. Doris C. Mortimer

Ms. Margaret Muller

Ms. Karen E. Mullins

Ms. Tracey Murch

Mrs. Marion R. Murphy

Ms. Mary Murphy

Subadhra Nachiyaar

The Reverend and Mrs. W. Jeffrey Nagorny

Dr. Barbara Neilan

Trang Nguyen

Dr. Marianne Nikas and Mr. Alexander A. Nikas

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Nolan

Mr. Curtis L. Norris

Ms. Catherine O’Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O’Leary

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Packer, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Paskow

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Patten

Ms. Marina Pavluk

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Peirce

Mr. Stephen Permut

Ms. Christine Pierro

Dr. David Plessett

Ms. Barbara Plevelich

Dr. and Mrs. Paul V. Plourde

Ms. Sarah M. Poutasse and Mr. William J. Carpenter

Mr. Brian Quezada

Ms. Adriana Recio

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Regan

Dr. and Mrs. John Reilly

Ms. Nancy Reynolds

Dr. Nancy Reynolds

Dr. Rosine Richa

Mr. and Mrs. David Richey

Mrs. Amanda S. Riley-Kaune and Mr. Douglas L. Kaune

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Rivello

Ms. Elizabeth Roberts

Ms. Mary Jane Rogan

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Rose

The Honorable and Mrs. Chris Ross

Ms. Mariellen Ryan

Mr. John Ryan

Ms. Deena Schneider

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schuster

Mrs. Kim Schywstell

Ms. Hilary Scott

Ms. Sylvia M. Severance

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Seybold, Jr.

Mr. Douglas Siberski

Siemens Caring Hands Giving Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Signore

Dr. Barbara Snyder

Dr. Gail Sokoloski

Mr. and Mrs. Landon M. Spilman

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Spokane

Dr. James Squadrito, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Jeffrey Starke

Mrs. Christine Steege

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Steel

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sterling

Ms. Eileen T. Stewart

Ms. Patricia Strauss

Ms. Margaret Strickler

Sullivan Dental

Dr. Brendan Teehan

The Fraser Charitable Foundation

The Fraser Charitable Foundation of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

The Retired HSD Teacher Breakfast Group

The Talbots, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thomas, Jr.

Ms. Jennifer Thomas

Mrs. Nancy Thompson

Ms. Judith Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. James Thornton

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Tiernan

Ms. Tema L. Tiller

Ms. Patricia Toebe

Dr. Suzanne Tonetti

Nu-Anh Tran

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Treece

Ms. Piper Treece-Angert

Mrs. Lucy M. Trout

Mrs. Rosemary F. Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tuckerman

Mr. Richard Upole

Upper Merion Dental Associates, P. C.

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Vance, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Veith

Dr. and Mrs. Marc Virtue

Mr. Jason Walborn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walton

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ward

Ms. Yvonne D. Ward

Ms. Fanny S. Warren

Warwick Child Care Center Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weigel

Ms. Terri Whiteford

Dr. and Mrs. Saul Wider

Dr. Kathleen Wilkins

Ms. Sigrid Williams

Ms. Michele Wolfe

Ms. Dona M. Wray

Ms. Kathleen Wright

Mr. and Mrs. William Wylie, Jr.

Ms. Bonnie Yost

Mr. Li Jun Andy Zhu


Gifts of $250 and above

Mr. and Mrs. A. James Alexander

Dr. and Mrs. Victor Alos

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Arbacheski

Mr. Richard Baron

Ms. Lori Benedict

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Bertsch

Dr. Paula Brenn

Mr. and Mrs. Terence Brennan

Ms. Jennifer A. Brooks

Dr. Glenn A. Burkland and Reverend Diane A. Burkland

Ms. Susana Rastelli and Mr. Emilio Rastelli

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Cahill

Mr. Neil Fanelli

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Colletta

Dr. Jyoti Dangi

Mr. Thomas Dunn

Dr. Richard Eisner

Mrs. Margaret P. Ewing

ExxonMobil Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Ferrari

Mr. Eric Fingerhut

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Foreman

Mr. Christopher Francese

Ms. Marie E. Frey

Millen Gebreselassie

Gift from a Friend

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gray

Ms. Teresa Groshans

Dr. Ellen Gross and Dr. James P. Patton

Mrs. Lucy Guthrie

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Heckman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins

Ms. Jody L. Hill

Home Builders Association

Ms. Alice Howard

Howell Royal Arch Chapter No. 202

Ms. Julie Jasper

Ms. Marguerita Joyce

Ms. Mary Kemp

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kimmel

Mrs. Carol D. Lenker

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Levin

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Logan

Mr. Boyd K. Mackleer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Mahal

Marchwood Dental Associates

Mr. and Mrs. F. Robert Masters, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. George McLaughlin

Mill Creek Valley Garden Club

Morgan Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Nagle

Dr. Neal Neuman

Dr. and Mrs. R. Barrett Noone

Ms. M. Michel Orban

Ms. Peggy Osborne

Ms. Deidre Osborne

Ms. Anita Osteen

Mr. John Poksheva

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Quigley

Mr. Jan Reichard-Brown

Richard Kagan Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Rios

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rittenhouse

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Mr. Jose Rovelli

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Schnably

Mr. Arnold Schneider

Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Z. Schwartz

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Scott

Seid Carro Family Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Cornelia H. Seidel

Mr. David Shealy

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Snyder III

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tachovsky

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Teunissen

Ms. Nancy Tuttle

Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Uhler

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Unger

Ms. Catherine Urban

Ms. Lorri Waldis

Ms. Esther Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Warther / Vanguard Systems, Inc.

Mr. Jonathan Weg

Mr. Joseph Weinstock

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Wenger


Gifts of $500 and above

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Aceto

American Endowment Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Atticks

Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign

Ms. Suzanne Barry

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beideman

Big Guy Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Tamara Brady

Brian Hoskins Ford

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Britt

Mr. Harold Brog

Gift from a Friend

Mr. and Mrs. James Buck III

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Casterline

Charitable Flex Fund

The Dental Society of Delaware and Chester County

Mr. and Mrs. John Devlin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles DiMarco

Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Dixon

Mr. Dean Donley

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Donohoe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dymowski

Mr. and Mrs. John Fagan

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Fox

Fox  Rothschild LLP

Mr. John Gerard

GFWC New Century Club of West Chester

Gift from a Friend (3)

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Glasgow

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gormley

Grove United Methodist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hagendorf

Dr. and Mrs. James Heald

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Holt

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoplamazian

Ms. Tuong Huynh

If It’s Water, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Jacobs

Ms. Greta Jacobson

Johnson & Johnson

Ms. Kristin Kelly

Kennett Run Charities, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. James Kenning

Mr. Thomas Kenworthy

Ms. Alberta Landis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Legnini

Mr. Nathaniel Lentz

Mr. and Mrs. David Leonard

Mrs. Jill Roberts-Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis

Dr. William Luginbuhl and Dr. Erica Turner

Main Line Today

Mario and Sara Rafalin Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James Martin

Dr. Scott McCurley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGowan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin

Dr. Jerome Miller

Dr. Steven Nussbaum

Mr. Phil Oliver

Pennsy Corporation

Ms. Krista Reichard

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ritchey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roosevelt

Mrs. Carrie Rorer Pratt and Mr. Bear Pratt

Life Changes Realty Group

Mr. Nathan Shane

St. Michael Lutheran Church

Mr. Robert Stiles

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stupplebeen

Ms. Kim Supplee-Niggeman

Mr. and Mrs. L. Frederick Sutherland

Ms. Patricia Tagamolila

Mr. Joseph Tankle and Ms. Karen Genello

Mr. George Taylor

The Bill and Janet Lasko Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. James Tiede

Today Media

Mr. and Mrs. James Van Alen II

Mr. John Ward

Wells Fargo Philanthropy Fund

Mr. Robert Willson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zarrilli