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Friday, August 14, 2020

Sponsors, Contributors, & Members


Gifts of $500-$999

Dr. Richard Banner  Mario and Sara Rafalin Foundation
Kyle Bennett Adam and Deane Mariotti
Dr. and Mrs. Paull Britt Mr. and Mrs. James Martin, III
Mr. James Bruder, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Mason
The Buck Family Fund Dr. Scott McCurley
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Cahill William McGarrigle/REMAX Main Line
Monica Calderin Mr. and Mrs. John McGowan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Callahan McIntyre Capron & Associates, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cook Dr. and Mrs. George McLaughlin
Mr. James Coyne Dr. Jerome Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis Mr. David Moretzsohn
The Dental Society of Delaware and Chester County Mr. and Mrs. Peter Oetinger
Dr. Cristian DeRitis Mr. and Mrs. Brad Oliver
DFT, INC. The Osborne Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DiMarco Paoli United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Dixon William and Barbara Patten
Mr. and Mrs. John Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Peacock
Mr. and Mrs. John Fagan Pennoni Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Fowler Mr. Chris Pippett
Mr. John Gerard Bob and Paula Rhodes
Gift from a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ritchey
Paul and Diana Gormley Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rodriguez
Grove United Methodist Church Rothwell Document Solutions
Dr. and Mrs. James Heald Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schnably
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Hillyer Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. John Hoopes Mrs. Cornelia Seidel
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jeffrey Hunt Mr. David Shealy
Ms. Greta Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanek
Kennett Run Charities, Inc. Mrs. Christine Steege
Ms. Alberta Landis West Chester University Student Services Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stupplebeen, Jr.
Leaman Family Foundation Mr. John Thomas
Mr. Frank Leto Dr. Miriam Ting
Mr. Michael Lewis and Mrs. Jill Roberts-Lewis United Methodist Church of West Chester
Mr. Richard Loucks Mr. and Mrs. James Van Alen, II
LTL Holdings Ms. Lorri Waldis
Dr. William Luginbuhl Mr. Jonathan Weg
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lynch Ms. Jenny Yerkes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magnavita
Marchwood Dental Associates



Gifts of $250-$499

Ms. Amy Bell Mrs. Marian Moskowitz
Marigene Bender Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mumma
Bentley Homes, Ltd. Dr. John Murphy
Mr. Brian Berry Newcomers Club of Central Chester County
Big Guy Foundation, Inc. Dr. Laura Offutt and Dr. Steven Fukuchi
Dr. Paula Brenn Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Onofrio
Cuna Mutual Group Ms. Mary Orban
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Dies Dr. Peter Parry
Mr. James Donovan Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Petrocelli
Mr. & Mrs. James Egan Mr. and Mrs. Don Pohlig
Fenicle Charitable Fund Mr. John Poksheva
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Ferrari Polka Dots
Mr. Dennis Flynn Dr. Rosine Richa
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Fox Ms. Sandra Rodriguez
Lauren Freedman Mr. Richard Rosello
Ms. Marie Frey Duke and Kim Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gamble Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Schwartz
Gift from a Friend Mr. Eric Skinner
Dr. and Mrs. Morrie Gold Kenneth Spencer
Ms. Teresa Groshans Susan and Jeff Starke
Dr. Ellen Gross Mr. and Mrs. David Stone
Mrs. Lucy Guthrie Mr. Joseph Tankle and Ms. Karen Genello
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Harkness Mrs. Cristina Teunissen
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Heier Dr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Djoerd Hoekstra Mr. and Mrs. Roger Uhler
Ms. Suzanne Holton Mr. and Mrs. Peter Unger
Howell Royal Arch Chapter No. 202 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Urban
Kendal at Longwood Residents Association Mrs. Jane Wagner
Cheryl Kiley Mr. John Ward
Gabrielle and Ernest Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weigel
Mr. Peter Kratsa Mr. Joseph Weinstock
Mr. and Mrs. David Leonard Mrs. Joanne Welsh
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Levin Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Wenger
Ms. Tracey LoPolito and Mr. Chris Schubert Mr. and Mrs. McCoy Weymouth
Mr. Boyd Mackleer Mrs. Penelope Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mahal Jim & Terri McIntosh
Mr. Christopher March Ms. Anne Zehner
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marinelli
Mauro Family Dentistry
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McAnally
Dr. Charles Messa, Jr.


Gifts of $100-$249

Mrs. Bernadine Abbott Mr. William MacLaughlin
Dr. and Mrs. George Adams Mr. Edward Maier
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Adams Mr. Brian Malley
Ms. Marthe Adler Ms. Carol Mandour
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Ahrensdorf Mr. and Mrs. Manny Mar, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ames Ronald Marburger
Ms. Dawn Ammon Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Marra
Ms. Nancy Arnosti Mr. and Mrs. William Masapollo
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Atticks Agnesann Mathis
Betsy and Chuck  Barr Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Mauriello
Mr. Leif Beck, Esq. Dr. Catherine McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John Beilenson Mr. and Mrs. John McTiernan
Ms. Lori Benedict Ms. Emily Meier
Mr. George Benham Mr. Chris Meshginpoosh
John and Molly Bergh Dr. Kurt Meyers
Mrs. Isabelle Blank Mr. Paul Michener
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Blough Bonnie and Peter Miller
Mr. Richard Boland Kyle Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bosch Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mixner
Mr. and Mrs. George Bourrie, Jr. Mr. John Moffit
Mrs. Maureen Brennan Julie Mongeluzi
Ms. Jane Brennan Mr. Lance Montano
Andrew Brookman Moonshine United Zion Church
Mr. and Mrs. David Brune Mr. Richard Mulford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns Ms. Margaret Muller
Cambridge Greene Condominium Association Mr. and Mrs. Steven Murphy
Mr. Stephen Carlan The Reverend and Mrs. W. Jeffery Nagorny
Mr. Will Carpenter Mr. Chris Naylor
Mr. Ed Carpoletti Lawrence Neidigh
Joseph Carson Dr. Neal Neuman
Lynne Carter Betsy Niedziejko
Ms. Cecilia Castillo Mr. Alexander Nikas and Dr. Marianne Nikas
Mr. and Mrs. Bikram Chadha Dr. and Mrs. R. Barrett Noone
Mr. Michael Chain Mr. Curtis Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Christensen Ms. Carlie Numi
Mr. Mike Cirba Ms. Catherine Odonnell
Ms. Paula Clark Ms. Leslie Orischak
Ms. Constance Cockshaw Ms. Jane Orner
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Colletta Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Packer, Jr.
Mrs. A. M. Congdon Lew and Betty Parry
Mr. Roy Craig Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Paskow
Mr. David Crossed Ms. Doris Passamonti
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Crotchfelt, III Mr. Thomas Payne
Mr. John Cummings Mr. and Mrs. David Peirce
Loelei Cvitanov Mr. and Mrs. William Pellicano
Ms. Karin Damiani Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Peracchia
Dr. Jyoti Dangi Mr. Stephen Permut
Kaitlin Daniels Dr. and Mrs. Paul Plourde
James Danna Mr. Henry Pornomo
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Dausch Mr. Greg Porter
Del Toyota/Cheverolet Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rackover
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Denigan Mr. Neil Ravitz
Ms. Rosemary Derosa Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Reading
Dr. M. Elayne DeSimone Joseph Reitano, Jr., MD
DFR Print/Mail Solutions LLC Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Reitano
Mr. and Mrs. James DiCarlo Dr. Nancy Reynolds
District NRI Foundation Inc. Ms. Nancy Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs Francis Dixon Ms. Barbara Rice
Mrs. Ellen Donohoe Mr. and Mrs. David Richey
Mr. Michael Duncan Ms. Amanda Riley-Kaune
Ms. Patricia Edge Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Rios
Dr. Richard Eisner Margaret and Tom Rivello
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Elko Ms. Mary Jane Rogan
Ed and Milly Elrod Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rose
Ms. Elizabeth Facciolo Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ross
Ms. Susan Falcone Mr. Richard Rossello
Dr. Lloyd Feigenbaum RTD Financial Advisors, Inc.
Ms. Meredith Fetters Mr. Michael Rubenstein
Mr. Andrew Fichter Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Rubino
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flynn Mr. John Rudibaugh
Mr. Chris Flynn Mr. Howard Ruoff
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Forbes Mr. W. Bourne Ruthrauff
Mr. Bryan Forcino Mr. Mike Ryu
Mr. John Forde Mr. Trevor Salla
Dr. Alan Forman Wendy and Jerry Santoro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fremont Mr. Gregory Sarian
Mr. Randy Friedman Ms. Deena Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frost Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schuster
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Genuardi Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sears
Gift from a Friend (18) Mr. and Mrs. John Seldomridge
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gilpin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Seybold, Jr.
Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania Ms. Frances Sheehan
Dr. Barbara Glockson Mr. Douglas Siberski
Ms. H. Maureen Goode Mr. Sam Silverman
David and Karen Gorgonzola Ms. Marika Simms
Mrs. Tucker Gresh Dr. Barbara Snyder
Ms. Beryl Grossman Ken and Joan Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gundaker Dr. Gail Sokoloski
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gushurst Mr. Anand Solanki
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hagendorf, Jr. Mr. Steve Spader
James and Lorraine Hahn Ms. Mary Lucy Spellman
Ms. Seneca Harberger Mr. and Mrs. Landon Spilman
Mr. Bruce Hartlein Dr. James Squadrito, Jr.
Mrs. Twonette Hawkins Ms. Eileen Stewart
Ms. Marie Hawkins Ms. Margaret Strickler
Ms. Sara Hayes Mr. Paul Strid
Ms. Marion Heacock Mr. Mark Supplee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heaney Mr. Robert Supplee
Mr. James Herr Kevin and Kathy Sweeney
Mr. Kevin Higgins Mr. Chuck Sweigard
Mr. Steve Higgins Mr. Frank Taddeo
Mrs. Carolyn Hitchcock Mr. Anthonyy Tatasciore
Beth and Steve Hobman Mr. and Mrs. Louis N. Teti
Anne and Darrell Hoffman Dr. Suzanne Tonetti
Dr. Mary Hofmann Nu-Anh Tran
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hood, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Treece
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoover Mr. Daniel Tropeano
Mr. John Huber Tuttle Marketing Services, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. R. Michael Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Twomey
Ms. Mary Hundt Mr. Brett Unruh
Stephanie Hunter Mr. Richard Upole
Mr. Kenneth Joseph Upper Merion Dental Associates, P. C.
Mr. Tom Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veith
Dr. Susan Keith Dr. and Mrs. Marc Virtue
Robert Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walton
Ms. Virginia Kettenring Mr. Patrick Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kirsch Ms. Carol Ware
Ms. Joyce Kleiber Ms. Fanny Warren
Mr. Matthew Klim Warwick Child Care Center Inc.
Mr. Charles Kochka Ms. Terri Whiteford
Mr. Edward Kovatch Ms. Faye Whiteman
Ms. Sarah Kupchick Dr. and Mrs. Saul Wider
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lamb Mr. Stan Wilcox
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Lanza Kelly Wilkin
Mrs. Joan Lau Dr. Kathleen Wilkins
Mr. Paul Lavallee Mr. Russ Williams
Mr. Raef Lee Brett Willson
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Leptuck Dr. Mary Wirshup
Blair and Linda LeRoy Ms. Anne Wittkamp
Ms. Sabine Liebreich Ms. Melissa Worley
Kaylatek, LLC Ms. Kathleen Wright
Mr. and Mrs. William Lockard Mr. and Mrs. William Wylie, Jr.
Mr. Dan Yobbi
Steve and Bonnie Yost