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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Impact of Our Programs

CVIM’s programs are designed to provide the greatest impact for our patients so they can  live their healthiest lives. Here are a few stories that demonstrate the impact of some of our programs:

Chronic Disease Management for Healthier Lives

Every morning for nearly a year Violet woke up feeling dizzy, achy and fatigued. During her first visit to CVIM she learned she had been living with uncontrolled diabetes, the cause of her symptoms. Violet met with a diabetes educator, endocrinologist, and podiatrist to get on the road to better health. She attended group exercise classes and cooking classes to make healthier choices a part of her lifestyle. In Violet’s eyes, medication was an important factor in improving her health, but without the lifestyle and nutrition coaching, she doesn’t believe she could have returned to good health and gotten back to work again. “For the first time ever I was taught how to help prevent my problems not just given medicine to treat them.”

Dental Services for Healthy Smiles

Dental neglect during the early years leads to significant decay and a mouth full of cavities when children reach school age. At CVIM children have access to a pediatric dentist, routine dental hygiene visits, education for parents on oral health, and even receive braces and oral surgery. When Marianna was given the care she needed for a healthy smile, her parents were thrilled to see her eating better, performing well in school, and proud to show off her smile.

Addressing A Broad Spectrum of Behavioral Health Needs

When depression led William to suicidal thoughts he was referred to CVIM by a local hospital to get some help. William had called every counselor and psychiatrist he could find, but none were able to accept him if he could not pay. In his time of desperation, he finally found CVIM and was set up with a counselor to help him address some of the factors in his life that contributed to depression. The psychiatrist prescribed him medications to help – free from CVIM’s dispensary. “My medication would cost hundreds of dollars at a local pharmacy without insurance. Without it my depression is debilitating. This place saved my life and keeps me going.”

 Providing Comprehensive Women’s Health Services

Luz never envisioned herself raising her four children alone while working days as a dishwasher and nights cleaning offices. Back in Venezuela Luz had a law degree and was a well-respected, well-earning member of her community. Over the last few years the situation in her home country has deteriorated. The recent violence led to the tragic loss of her husband and Luz knew to protect her children she needed to head to America to seek asylum.  Exhausted from the long hours and riddled with anxiety about the future of her family, Luz’s health was starting to fail. When she arrived at CVIM Luz was set up with a comprehensive women’s wellness exam and a visit with the social worker to help her navigate her new world. With a lifeline to the support she needed, Luz learned to prioritize her health so she can continue to care for her children for years to come.  While her journey continues to be difficult, Luz has renewed hope thanks to the help she receives at CVIM.