Monday, September 29, 2014

Beginning at CVIM as a West Chester University pre-med intern to continuing as a weekly volunteer after graduating college, future medical student Lauren Cowan has a special spot in her heart for the mission of CVIM. “While I have given my time to CVIM, the clinic has given much more back to me – I discovered the most important part of myself while at CVIM, the part that tells me every day I was meant to lead a life of service,” says Lauren. “I value all the clinical learning experiences I have had at the clinic and the medical knowledge and patient care strategies I gained by having the opportunity to shadow the doctors and nurses.”

After graduating college this past May, Lauren graciously decided to have her family and friends make donations to CVIM as their gift to her. “I knew upon graduation I wouldn’t be able to continue spending time with patients like I did while I was an intern, and I thought donating the money that my family and friends planned to give me in celebration of graduation would be a good way to keep giving back even if I couldn’t be at the clinic as much.” She knows that the gifts will make a direct impact to the patients.

CVIM is so grateful for everything Lauren has done, including the recruitment of other students. Thank you, Lauren!