Wednesday, February 25, 2015

 4 Years’ Service

What duties do you perform in your volunteer role at CVIM?
I work primarily at the front desk but am also called on to interpret and enable patient/caregiver communication.  At the front desk, I sign in arriving patients as well as schedule their future appointments when they leave. I spend a considerable amount of time on the phone scheduling appointments and facilitating patient questions.  When needed, I process incoming lab reports by checking for needed information in the computer, finding the appropriate chart and delivering these materials for caregiver review.  When there is time I file charts.

What brought you to volunteer at CVIM?
I wanted to use my Spanish in a volunteer role.  I was motivated also by a close friend who volunteered at CVIM for 10 years and by my son who worked as a volunteer at CVIM while attending medical school.

How does volunteering at CVIM make you feel?
I feel very good because I feel busy and needed.

What would you tell your friends to interest them in volunteering at the clinic? 
I have told everyone about the clinic and its mission.  After retiring, I missed the close knit community that I had enjoyed as a teacher.  Now I have found that sense of community again at CVIM, where I am welcomed and appreciated as a member of the “team.”  I look forward to spending time with my new friends and co-workers.

What other hats have you worn? 
I have lived and worked in Chester County for 33 years.  During that time I raised 3 sons and was involved in church youth activities, sports parent groups and volunteer school activities.  I worked for 25 years as a secondary school Spanish teacher while sponsoring language clubs, serving on a variety of committees and traveling abroad with 3 separate student groups.

When you’re not at CVIM, what are a few of the things you do for enjoyment?
I love to travel, garden, read and play golf.  When needed, I love helping care for my grandchildren.