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Friday, August 14, 2020

How to Volunteer

If you have interest in becoming a volunteer at CVIM, follow these steps:
*Medical providers who have not had ongoing patient contact in the past 5 years will generally not be allowed to have direct patient contact at CVIM.

Step 1: Inquire at CVIM
To inquire about volunteer opportunities, first please contact the CVIM staff member that is relevant to your field for more detailed information:

  • Non-medical/support/interpreters, etc.:  Marie Frey – mfrey@cvim.org
  • Medical providers: Mary Wirshup, MD – mwirshup@cvim.org
  • Pharmacy:  Susan Shughrue, RPh – sshughrue@cvim.org  
  • Nursing:  Judy Atticks, RN – jatticks@cvim.org
  • Nutrition/Diabetes Education:  Carla Graves, MS, RD, LDN – cgraves@cvim.org
Step 2: Interview with CVIM
Please contact your area of interest’s contact person before completing and submitting a volunteer application! (See Step 1)

Complete a volunteer application (at right) and submit it to the staff supervisor in your area of interest via mail or e-mail.

CVIM volunteer application

**NOTE: This is a writable PDF. Please fill & sign, save, and email to the appropriate staff supervisor.

Step 3: Invitation from CVIM
As part of your application for the volunteer team, you will need to submit a criminal check approval, child abuse clearance, and orientation statement of certification.  These forms are available in the online volunteer orientation.  Username and password are available from your CVIM staff supervisor.  You may request a Quick Start Instructions pamphlet to assist you in completing these forms.

Completed forms will be placed in your personal file and handled with confidentiality.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Marie Frey, VP of Operations at

mfrey@cvim.org OR (610) 836-5990 ext. 106